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Mermaid Ambassador Program



 Join the Mermaid Movement

Receive access to the latest fashion jewelry styles FREE from Mermaid Capsule. We even cover the cost of shipping! Just post & promote your shiny new pieces and help us spread the MC love. 
Mermaid Program Perks
FREE jewelry almost every month
Discounts to share with friends & family
Commission on any order you refer to us
Grow your social following
    How do I earn commission as an Ambassador?
    Do your friends love your look and want to get some of their own styles from MC? Why not help fund your own jewelry addiction by referring them to our site?
    For any orders you refer to us, you'll earn a 10% commission! Plus, your friends will receive a 15% discount off everything on our website by using your personalized Ambassador code. All you need is a PayPal account in order to get paid at the end of every month. The more people buy with your Ambassador code, the more money you make!
    Fashion and jewelry influencers who have a combined total following of 60K across their social media platforms or at least 10K followers on Instagram.
    Don't have 10K Instagram followers? Thats alright...We have something for you too! Apply below and we'll make something work! :)
    Image quality should meet the MC standards.
          You must be passionate about fashion/jewelry, love sharing great products with your followers, and post high-quality images or videos.
          • Keep an eye out for monthly emails from us with a link to a specific product we are launching.
          • If you like the featured piece, you can complete checkout through the link using your 100% off personal code. You will receive your free piece via standard shipping. (Shipping is on us, too!)
          • Take great photos and post to tell your followers how much you love your new MC piece.
          • Submit your posts to us via the submission link provided in the email.
          • A minimum of 2 posts is required for the duration of the promotion in order to remain in the program.
            Mermaid Program Acceptance
            We carefully review all applicants to ensure you are a good fit for the program.
            Please complete the application honestly and allow us two weeks to review/process it.
            If accepted, a MC team member will follow-up with you via email :)
              DM @mermaidcapsule
              Email us at Info@mermaidcapsule.com

                Terms & Conditions

                • You acknowledge that by signing up to the Mermaid Capsule Ambassador Program, you are not guaranteed free jewelry. To receive your free jewelry to review, you must checkout on mermaidcapsule.com with your individual 100% OFF discount code only for specific products presented to you via e-mail at varied times. All products are available to our Ambassadors to review in limited quantities and on a first come, first serve basis. If the limited quantity of the product has already been claimed by other reviewers, you will not be able to participate in that particular review. 
                • Standard shipping is free. If you’d like 2 or 3-day shipping, you must pay for shipping.
                • You must follow the exact rules of each Ambassador promotion as stated in that particular e-mail. Specific hashtags and any additional participation details will be included.
                • You are not required to participate in every Ambassador promotion.
                • We ask for at least 2 different posts per piece during the duration of the promotion (the duration will be outlined in each e-mail) to maintain your Ambassador status. We encourage you to post even more. It won’t go unnoticed!
                • For all orders completed using your personalized Ambassador code, you will earn a 10% commission. Commissions are paid out thirty five days after the purchase has been made. Commissions are not paid out for items that have been returned.
                • The jewelry you receive through the Ambassador program is not available to you to resell, return, or exchange. 
                • We request that your review is honest and unbiased in any comment you post about the jewelry. 
                • You must submit your images or posts to us via the submission link that is sent with each email. Mermaid Capsule has the right to use your images featuring the pieces in web, social media, or email. 
                • Do not use language or images that could be perceived as offensive to anyone in your reviews and posts. 
                • Mermaid Capsule reserves the right to remove any member from the program at any time for any reason. 
                • Mermaid Capsule reserves the right to change the terms of the review program at any time. 
                • If you ever have any questions, please e-mail info@mermaidcapsule.com and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.